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Home Education Forms

For your convenience, you may download the Home Education Notification Form and Academic Assessment Report from our website. You may drop off or mail your Home Education Notification along with the required academic information to the Preble County ESC, 597 Hillcrest Drive, Eaton, Ohio 45320.

Home Education Notification Form

Academic Assessment Report

You may also submit your Home Education Notification Form online by choosing the "For Students And Parents" section of this website and then choose Home Education Notifcation.

On April 27, 2018, the Preble County ESC will be processing background checks from 7:30 am - 11:00 am only. The office will be open from 7:30 - 4:00.

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Our Programs

The ESC Alternative are classroom programs offered by the Preble County ESC for the County Schools to use as an alternative for students whose regular school pathway is not working as well as it should. The ESC Alternative seeks to examine a flexible alternative for students at risk of progressing in their regular school environment. In some instances, that flexible alternative is a specialized small classroom for students with significant intellectual and physical disabilities. The ESC Alternative could also be small specialized classrooms for students with Emotional/Behavioral disabilities. The ESC also has several preschool classrooms for the support of Pre-K students of the County. In all cases, the ESC Alternative are programs requiring the recommendation of the Preble County school district where the student lives.

Our Services

Our quality services include:

  • Absence Management (formerly Aesop)
  • Enrichment Programs
  • Tutoring Referral Services
  • Substitute Teachers
  • Background Checks/Fingerprinting
  • Professional Development
  • Technology Integration Training and Professional Development